Wednesday, April 17, 2013

1111.2701 (Chandra Kant Mishra et al.)

The 2.5PN linear momentum flux and associated recoil from inspiralling
compact binaries in quasi-circular orbits: Nonspinning case

Chandra Kant Mishra, K. G. Arun, Bala R. Iyer

1304.4237 (Shohreh Abdolrahimi)

Velocity Effects on an Accelerated Unruh-DeWitt Detector    [PDF]

Shohreh Abdolrahimi

1304.4297 (Marco Olivares et al.)

Particles motion on topological Lifshitz black holes in 3+1 dimensions    [PDF]

Marco Olivares, Germán Rojas, Yerko Vásquez, J. R. Villanueva

1304.4313 (Florian Beyer et al.)

Graceful exit from inflation for minimally coupled Bianchi A scalar
field models

Florian Beyer, Leon Escobar

1304.4319 (Sergei V. Ketov et al.)

New Actions for Modified Gravity and Supergravity    [PDF]

Sergei V. Ketov, Takahiro Terada

1304.4358 (Nan Li et al.)

Reexamination of inflation in noncommutative space-time after Planck

Nan Li, Xin Zhang

1304.4359 (T. Christodoulakis et al.)

Lie - point and variational symmetries in minisuperspace Einstein's

T. Christodoulakis, N. Dimakis, Petros A. Terzis

1304.4411 (Sergey N. Solodukhin)

The a-theorem and entanglement entropy    [PDF]

Sergey N. Solodukhin

1304.4436 (Nikolaos Karnesis et al.)

Bayesian Model Selection for LISA Pathfinder    [PDF]

Nikolaos Karnesis, Miquel Nofrarias, Carlos F. Sopuerta, Ferran Gibert, Michele Armano, Heather Audley, Giuseppe Congedo, Ingo Diepholz, Luigi Ferraioli, Martin Hewitson, Mauro Hueller, Natalia Korsakova, Eric Plagnol, and Stefano Vitale