Friday, November 16, 2012

0911.5376 (Baocheng Zhang et al.)

Entropy Conservation in the Transition of Schwarzschild-de Sitter space
to de Sitter space through tunneling

Baocheng Zhang, Qing-yu Cai, Ming-sheng Zhan

1211.3414 (G. Dall'Agata et al.)

de Sitter vacua in N = 8 supergravity and slow-roll conditions    [PDF]

G. Dall'Agata, G. Inverso

1211.3416 (Guido D'Amico et al.)

Inflation from Flux Cascades    [PDF]

Guido D'Amico, Roberto Gobbetti, Marjorie Schillo, Matthew Kleban

1211.3448 (P. O. Kazinski)

Propagator of a scalar field on a stationary slowly varying
gravitational background

P. O. Kazinski

1211.3457 (L. N. Granda et al.)

Quintessential and phantom power-law solutions in scalar tensor model of
dark energy

L. N. Granda, D. F. Jimenez, C. Sanchez

1211.3458 (Galin N. Gyulchev et al.)

Gravitational Lensing by Phantom Black holes    [PDF]

Galin N. Gyulchev, Ivan Zh. Stefanov

1211.3463 (Pedro Cañate et al.)

CSL Wave Function Collapse Model as a Mechanism for the Emergence of
Cosmological Asymmetries in Inflation

Pedro Cañate, Philip Pearle, Daniel Sudarsky

1211.3494 (Aron C. Wall)

Maximin Surfaces, and the Strong Subadditivity of the Covariant
Holographic Entanglement Entropy

Aron C. Wall

1211.3507 (James M. Chappell et al.)

An explanation for galaxy rotation curves using a Clifford multivector
spacetime framework

James M. Chappell, Nicolangelo Iannella, Azhar Iqbal, Derek Abbott

1211.3518 (H. B. Benaoum)

Modified Chaplygin Gas Cosmology    [PDF]

H. B. Benaoum

1211.3525 (Daisuke Ida et al.)

Modular Theory for Operator Algebra in Bounded Region of Space-Time and
Quantum Entanglement

Daisuke Ida, Takahiro Okamoto, Miyuki Saito

1211.3592 (Dongsu Bak)

Entropy of universe as entanglement entropy    [PDF]

Dongsu Bak

1211.3612 (Cláudio Nassif)

Doubly Special Relativity with a minimum speed and the search for a
quantum gravity at low energies

Cláudio Nassif

1211.3618 (Janusz Karkowski et al.)

Bondi accretion onto cosmological black holes    [PDF]

Janusz Karkowski, Edward Malec

1211.3650 (Anil Kumar Yadav)

Anisotropic massive strings in scalar-tensor theory of gravitation    [PDF]

Anil Kumar Yadav

1211.3651 (Jonathan C. McKinney et al.)

Alignment of Magnetized Accretion Disks and Relativistic Jets with
Spinning Black Holes

Jonathan C. McKinney, Alexander Tchekhovskoy, Roger D. Blandford

1211.3676 (YanYan Li et al.)

A generalized mass involving higher order symmetric function of the
curvature tensor

YanYan Li, Luc Nguyen

1211.3681 (Ruth Lazkoz et al.)

First cosmological constraints on the Superfluid Chaplygin gas model    [PDF]

Ruth Lazkoz, Ariadna Montiel, Vincenzo Salzano

1211.3725 (Cristian Stelea et al.)

A black ring on the Taub-bolt instanton in five dimensions    [PDF]

Cristian Stelea, Marian C. Ghilea