Monday, July 15, 2013

1307.3246 (Christopher S. Reynolds)

The Spin of Supermassive Black Holes    [PDF]

Christopher S. Reynolds

1307.3291 (Valeri P. Frolov)

Generalized Fermat's principle and action for light rays in a curved

Valeri P. Frolov

1307.3335 (Wilson G. Brenna et al.)

Universality and thermalization in the Unruh Effect    [PDF]

Wilson G. Brenna, Eric G. Brown, Robert B. Mann, Eduardo Martin-Martinez

1307.3340 (Gustavo Dotti)

Non-modal linear stability of the Schwarzschild black hole    [PDF]

Gustavo Dotti

1307.3359 (Enrico Barausse et al.)

Black holes in Lorentz-violating gravity theories    [PDF]

Enrico Barausse, Thomas P. Sotiriou

1307.3458 (Gia Dvali et al.)

Scrambling in the Black Hole Portrait    [PDF]

Gia Dvali, Daniel Flassig, Cesar Gomez, Alexander Pritzel, Nico Wintergerst

1307.3476 (Ian Vega et al.)

Scalar self-force for eccentric orbits around a Schwarzschild black hole    [PDF]

Ian Vega, Barry Wardell, Peter Diener, Samuel Cupp, Roland Haas

1307.3517 (Joanna L. Karczmarek et al.)

Holographic entanglement entropy in nonlocal theories    [PDF]

Joanna L. Karczmarek, Charles Rabideau

1307.3520 (Ehsan Hatefi)

Selection rules, RR couplings on non-BPS branes and their all order
$α'$-corrections in type IIA(B) super string theories

Ehsan Hatefi

1307.3542 (Jeremy D. Schnittman)

Astrophysics of Super-massive Black Hole Mergers    [PDF]

Jeremy D. Schnittman