Friday, April 27, 2012

1105.3060 (M. V. Takook et al.)

Conformal linear gravity in de Sitter space II    [PDF]

M. V. Takook, H. Pejhan, M. Reza Tanhayi

1106.5840 (Anindya Dey et al.)

Non-Gaussianities in the Cosmological Perturbation Spectrum due to
Primordial Anisotropy

Anindya Dey, Sonia Paban

1107.1430 (Chao Niu et al.)

Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equation from Einstein-Maxwell and
Gauss-Bonnet-Maxwell Theories

Chao Niu, Yu Tian, Xiao-Ning Wu, Yi Ling

1109.0036 (William Donnelly)

Decomposition of entanglement entropy in lattice gauge theory    [PDF]

William Donnelly

1109.4708 (M. H. Dehghani et al.)

Black Holes in (Quartic) Quasitopological Gravity    [PDF]

M. H. Dehghani, A. Bazrafshan, R. B. Mann, M. R. Mehdizadeh, M. Ghanaatian, M. H. Vahidinia

1112.1466 (Valentina Baccetti et al.)

Inertial frames without the relativity principle    [PDF]

Valentina Baccetti, Kyle Tate, Matt Visser

1201.2443 (Qing-Guo Huang et al.)

Cosmological constant, inflation and no-cloning theorem    [PDF]

Qing-Guo Huang, Feng-Li Lin

1204.5938 (O. Cornejo-Pérez et al.)

Exact solutions of a Flat Full Causal Bulk viscous FRW cosmological
model through factorization

O. Cornejo-Pérez, J. A. Belinchón

1204.5948 (Craig J. Hogan)

Covariant Macroscopic Quantum Geometry    [PDF]

Craig J. Hogan

1204.5748 (Mohammad Edalati et al.)

Fast Scramblers and Non-commutative Gauge Theories    [PDF]

Mohammad Edalati, Willy Fischler, Juan F. Pedraza, Walter Tangarife Garcia

1204.5756 (Oscar Lorente-Espín)

Back-reaction as a quantum correction    [PDF]

Oscar Lorente-Espín

1204.5767 (Stan Gudder)

Causal set approach to discrete quantum gravity    [PDF]

Stan Gudder

1204.5785 (Yu Chen et al.)

A doubly rotating black ring with dipole charge    [PDF]

Yu Chen, Kenneth Hong, Edward Teo

1204.5797 (Luis P. Chimento)

Exactly solved models of interacting dark matter and dark energy    [PDF]

Luis P. Chimento

1204.5892 (W. Zimdahl)

Models of Interacting Dark Energy    [PDF]

W. Zimdahl

1204.5910 (Tomás Ortín et al.)

A note on the hidden conformal structure of non-extremal black holes    [PDF]

Tomás Ortín, C. S. Shahbazi

1204.5962 (Rong-Gen Cai et al.)

Holographic Entanglement Entropy on P-wave Superconductor Phase

Rong-Gen Cai, Song He, Li Li, Yun-Long Zhang

1204.5989 (Miloslav Znojil)

Crypto-unitary quantum evolution operators    [PDF]

Miloslav Znojil

1204.6001 (M. V. Takook et al.)

Casimir Effect For a Scalar Field via Krein Quantization    [PDF]

M. V. Takook, H. Pejhan, M. Tanhayi-Ahari, M. Reza Tanhayi