Tuesday, December 11, 2012

1109.5139 (Donald Marolf et al.)

Outgoing gravitational shock-wave at the inner horizon: The late-time
limit of black hole interiors

Donald Marolf, Amos Ori

1211.6427 (Bence Kocsis)

High Frequency Gravitational Waves from Supermassive Black Holes:
Prospects for LIGO-Virgo Detections

Bence Kocsis

1212.1723 (Johanna Karouby)

Instanton in a thermal bath and melting of a pion string    [PDF]

Johanna Karouby

1212.1725 (Michael Tsamparlis)

Geometrization of Lie and Noether symmetries with applications in

Michael Tsamparlis

1212.1755 (Henrique Gomes)

Poincaré invariance and asymptotic flatness in Shape Dynamics    [PDF]

Henrique Gomes

1212.1769 (H. -J. Schmidt et al.)

Isotropic universe with almost scale-invariant fourth-order gravity    [PDF]

H. -J. Schmidt, D. Singleton

1212.1821 (Kevin Falls et al.)

Black hole thermodynamics under the microscope    [PDF]

Kevin Falls, Daniel F. Litim

1212.1867 (Hafiza Rizwana Kausar)

Effects of CDTT Model on the Dynamical Instability of Cylindrically
Symmetric Collapsing Stars

Hafiza Rizwana Kausar

1212.1871 (Yuan Zhong et al.)

The linearization of thick K-branes    [PDF]

Yuan Zhong, Yu-Xiao Liu

1212.1876 (Anzhong Wang)

Stationary and slowly rotating spacetimes in Hořava-Lifshitz gravity    [PDF]

Anzhong Wang

1212.1907 (Oran Gannot)

Quasinormal modes for AdS--Schwarzschild black holes: exponential
convergence to the real axis

Oran Gannot

1212.1923 (Jose Beltrán Jiménez et al.)

Screening Vector Field Modifications of General Relativity    [PDF]

Jose Beltrán Jiménez, André Luís Delvas Fróes, David Fonseca Mota

1212.1930 (C. E. Coleman-Smith et al.)

A "Helium Atom" of Space: Dynamical Instability of the Isochoric

C. E. Coleman-Smith, B. Muller

1212.1959 (Bin Chen et al.)

RN/CFT Correspondence From Thermodynamics    [PDF]

Bin Chen, Jia-ju Zhang

1212.1960 (Bin Chen et al.)

Electromagnetic Duality in Dyonic RN/CFT Correspondence    [PDF]

Bin Chen, Jia-ju Zhang

1212.1973 (Eric G. Brown et al.)

Detectors for probing relativistic quantum physics beyond perturbation

Eric G. Brown, Eduardo Martin-Martinez, Nicolas C. Menicucci, Robert B. Mann

1212.1981 (Francesco Caravelli et al.)

Quenches and lattice simulators for particle creation    [PDF]

Francesco Caravelli, Fotini Markopoulou, Arnau Riera, Lorenzo Sindoni

1212.2025 (Mark Israelit)

Dark Energy in a perturbed Weyl-Dirac Universe    [PDF]

Mark Israelit

1212.2045 (M. C. B. Abdalla et al.)

Quasi-homologous spherically symmetric branes and its breaking    [PDF]

M. C. B. Abdalla, P. Carlesso, J. M. Hoff da Silva

1212.2079 (Shin'ichi Nojiri et al.)

Variety of cosmic acceleration models from massive $F(R)$ bigravity    [PDF]

Shin'ichi Nojiri, Sergei D. Odintsov, Norihito Shirai

1212.2110 (David Edward Bruschi et al.)

Time evolution techniques for detectors in relativistic quantum

David Edward Bruschi, Antony R. Lee, Ivette Fuentes

1212.2163 (Tsuyoshi Houri et al.)

Killing-Yano symmetry of Kaluza-Klein black holes in five dimensions    [PDF]

Tsuyoshi Houri, Kei Yamamoto

1212.2177 (Orfeu Bertolami et al.)

The experimental status of Special and General Relativity    [PDF]

Orfeu Bertolami, Jorge Páramos

1212.2195 (Jay D. Tasson)

Lorentz Symmetry, the SME, and Gravitational Experiments    [PDF]

Jay D. Tasson

1212.2197 (Mengjie Wang et al.)

Hawking radiation for a Proca field in D dimensions II: charged field in
a brane charged black hole

Mengjie Wang, Marco O. P. Sampaio, Carlos Herdeiro

1212.2200 (Marco Lanzagorta)

Effect of Gravitational Frame Dragging on Orbiting Qubits    [PDF]

Marco Lanzagorta

1212.2204 (Stephon Alexander et al.)

Electric Time in Quantum Cosmology    [PDF]

Stephon Alexander, Martin Bojowald, Antonino Marciano, David Simpson