Monday, April 9, 2012

1107.4322 (Michele Levi)

Binary dynamics from spin1-spin2 coupling at fourth post-Newtonian order    [PDF]

Michele Levi

1203.6706 (Qiang Xu et al.)

A New Exponential Gravity    [PDF]

Qiang Xu, Bin Chen

1204.1347 (Hung-Yi Pu et al.)

On Spin Dependence of Relativistic Acoustic Geometry    [PDF]

Hung-Yi Pu, Ishita Maiti, Tapas Kumar Das, Hsiang-Kuang Chang

1204.1348 (Alexis Larranaga)

Area Spectrum of BTZ Black Holes from the Periodicity in Euclidean Time    [PDF]

Alexis Larranaga

1204.1350 (H. Andréka et al.)

What are the numbers in which spacetime?    [PDF]

H. Andréka, J. X. Madarász, I. Németi, G. Székely

1204.1352 (Antonio Padilla et al.)

Classical Duals, Legendre Transforms and the Vainshtein Mechanism    [PDF]

Antonio Padilla, Paul M. Saffin

1204.1356 (L. Bogacz et al.)

Quantum widening of CDT universe    [PDF]

L. Bogacz, Z. Burda, B. Waclaw

1204.1362 (Lode Wylleman)

Maximally inhomogeneous Gödel-Farnsworth-Kerr generalizations    [PDF]

Lode Wylleman

1204.1380 (Adolfo Toloza et al.)

Reflections on Cosmology: an Outsider's Point of View    [PDF]

Adolfo Toloza, Jorge Zanelli

1204.1384 (Gavriil Shchedrin)

Infrared divergence of the gravitational wave damping in the early

Gavriil Shchedrin

1204.1401 (Xin-zhou Li et al.)

Gravitating tensor monopole in a Lorentz-violating field theory    [PDF]

Xin-zhou Li, Ping Xi, Qun Zhang

1204.1422 (Bibhas Ranjan Majhi et al.)

Noether current from the surface term of gravitational action, Virasoro
algebra and horizon entropy

Bibhas Ranjan Majhi, T. Padmanabhan

1204.1456 (Babak Vakili et al.)

Classical and quantum massive cosmology for the open FRW universe    [PDF]

Babak Vakili, Nima Khosravi

1204.1463 (Aritra Kundu et al.)

Mass of highly magnetized white dwarfs exceeding the Chandrasekhar
limit: An analytical view

Aritra Kundu, Banibrata Mukhopadhyay

1204.1472 (Hayato Motohashi et al.)

Reheating after f(R) inflation    [PDF]

Hayato Motohashi, Atsushi Nishizawa

1204.1483 (Silvije Domazet et al.)

Renormalization group scale-setting from the action - a road to modified
gravity theories

Silvije Domazet, Hrvoje Stefancic

1204.1521 (Bum-Hoon Lee et al.)

Fubini instantons in curved space    [PDF]

Bum-Hoon Lee, Wonwoo Lee, Changheon Oh, Daeho Ro, Dong-han Yeom

1204.1525 (Shih-Yuin Lin et al.)

Quantum teleportation between moving detectors in a quantum field    [PDF]

Shih-Yuin Lin, Kazutomu Shiokawa, Chung-Hsien Chou, B. L. Hu

1204.1530 (Ayan Chatterjee et al.)

Hawking radiation from dynamical horizons    [PDF]

Ayan Chatterjee, Bhramar Chatterjee, Amit Ghosh

1204.1546 (Yu-Huei Wu et al.)

Local and global structure of domain wall space-times    [PDF]

Yu-Huei Wu, Chih-Hung Wang

1204.1547 (Ichiro Oda)

Velocity of Light in Dark Matter with Charge    [PDF]

Ichiro Oda