Monday, January 21, 2013

1301.4217 (Farook Rahaman et al.)

BTZ black holes inspired by noncommutative geometry    [PDF]

Farook Rahaman, P. K. F. Kuhfittig, B. C. Bhui, Masiur Rahaman, Saibal Ray, U. F. Mondal

1301.4225 (J. -M. Wang et al.)

Super-Eddington accreting massive black holes as long-lived cosmological

J. -M. Wang, P. Du, D. Valls-Gabaud, C. Hu, H. Netzer

1301.4233 (D. D. Ferrante et al.)

Complex Path Integrals and the Space of Theories    [PDF]

D. D. Ferrante, G. S. Guralnik, Z. Guralnik, C. Pehlevan

1301.4270 (Raymond Y. Chiao et al.)

A Gravitational Aharonov-Bohm Effect, and its Connection to Parametric
Oscillators and Gravitational Radiation

Raymond Y. Chiao, Robert Haun, Nader Inan, Bong-Soo Kang, Luis A. Martinez, Stephen J. Minter, Gerardo Muñoz, Douglas Singleton

1301.4274 (Klaus Larjo et al.)

Loop effects and infrared divergences in slow-roll inflation    [PDF]

Klaus Larjo, David A. Lowe

1301.4286 (Georgios Doulis et al.)

The second order spin-2 system in flat space near space-like and

Georgios Doulis, Joerg Frauendiener

1301.4316 (Fernando Nogueira)

Extremal Surfaces in Asymptotically AdS Charged Boson Stars Backgrounds    [PDF]

Fernando Nogueira

1301.4322 (Jacob D. Bekenstein)

Can quantum gravity be exposed in the laboratory?: A tabletop experiment
to reveal the quantum foam

Jacob D. Bekenstein

1301.4326 (De-Jun Wu et al.)

Dynamical analysis of the cosmology of mass-varying massive gravity    [PDF]

De-Jun Wu, Yi-Fu Cai, Yun-Song Piao

1301.4327 (Spyros Basilakos et al.)

Cosmological equivalence between the Finsler-Randers space-time and DGP
gravity model

Spyros Basilakos, Panayiotis Stavrinos

1301.4341 (Dirk Puetzfeld et al.)

Covariant equations of motion for test bodies in gravitational theories
with general nonminimal coupling

Dirk Puetzfeld, Yuri N. Obukhov

1301.4483 (Roldao da Rocha et al.)

Casadio-Fabbri-Mazzacurati Black Strings and Braneworld-induced Quasars
Luminosity Corrections

Roldao da Rocha, A. Piloyan, A. M. Kuerten, C. H. Coimbra-Araujo

1301.4486 (P. C. Stichel et al.)

Nonstandard approach to gravity for the dark sector of the Universe    [PDF]

P. C. Stichel, W. J. Zakrzewski