Thursday, May 31, 2012

1105.6085 (Katherine Jones-Smith et al.)

Detecting Chameleon Dark Energy via Electrostatic Analogy    [PDF]

Katherine Jones-Smith, Francesc Ferrer

1112.1965 (Marc Geiller et al.)

Testing the imposition of the Spin Foam Simplicity Constraints    [PDF]

Marc Geiller, Karim Noui

1112.3094 (William E. East et al.)

Hydrodynamics in full general relativity with conservative AMR    [PDF]

William E. East, Frans Pretorius, Branson C. Stephens

1112.4837 (Guillermo Ballesteros et al.)

Nonlinear cosmological consistency relations and effective matter

Guillermo Ballesteros, Lukas Hollenstein, Rajeev Kumar Jain, Martin Kunz

1201.3573 (Matthew Pitkin)

Extending gravitational wave burst searches with pulsar timing arrays    [PDF]

Matthew Pitkin

1205.6238 (G. A. Alekseev)

Monodromy transform and the integral equation method for solving the
string gravity and supergravity equations in four and higher dimensions

G. A. Alekseev

1205.6482 (Anthony L. Piro)

Magnetic Interactions in Coalescing Neutron Star Binaries    [PDF]

Anthony L. Piro

1205.6592 (Marc Casals et al.)

Spectroscopy of the Schwarzschild Black Hole at Arbitrary Frequencies    [PDF]

Marc Casals, Adrian C. Ottewill

1205.6611 (Stephen Fairhurst)

Improved source localization with LIGO India    [PDF]

Stephen Fairhurst

1205.6633 (Rodrigo M S Barbosa et al.)

Complete loop quantization of a dimension 1+2 Lorentzian gravity theory    [PDF]

Rodrigo M S Barbosa, Clisthenis P Constantinidis, Zui Oporto, Olivier Piguet

1205.6634 (Raphael Bousso)

New Scale Factor Measure    [PDF]

Raphael Bousso

1205.6637 (Atanu Kumar)

Growth of covariant perturbations in the contracting phase of a bouncing

Atanu Kumar

1205.6662 (J. D. Barrow et al.)

The origin of cosmic magnetic fields: superadiabatically amplified modes
in open Friedmann universes

J. D. Barrow, C. G. Tsagas, K. Yamamoto

1205.6674 (Xiao-Mei Kuang et al.)

Dipole Coupling Effect of Holographic Fermion in the Background of
Charged Gauss-Bonnet AdS Black Hole

Xiao-Mei Kuang, Bin Wang, Jian-Pin Wu

1205.6676 (P. P. Avelino et al.)

Bouncing Eddington-inspired Born-Infeld cosmologies: an alternative to
Inflation ?

P. P. Avelino, R. Z. Ferreira

1205.6722 (Chandrachur Chakraborty et al.)

Lense-Thirring precession in strong gravitational fields    [PDF]

Chandrachur Chakraborty, Parthasarathi Majumdar

1205.6723 (I. Brito et al.)

Studying conformally flat spacetimes with an elastic stress energy
tensor using 1+3 formalism

I. Brito, M. P. Machado Ramos

1205.6738 (Ricardo Paszko)

Introduction to Quantum Gravity    [PDF]

Ricardo Paszko

1205.6750 (W. G. Unruh)

Decoherence without Dissipation    [PDF]

W. G. Unruh

1205.6751 (W. G. Unruh)

Irrotational, two-dimensional Surface waves in fluids    [PDF]

W. G. Unruh

1205.6763 (Brajesh Gupt et al.)

Quantum gravitational Kasner transitions in Bianchi-I spacetime    [PDF]

Brajesh Gupt, Parampreet Singh