Monday, February 25, 2013

1302.5162 (V. G. Gurzadyan et al.)

On CCC-predicted concentric low-variance circles in the CMB sky    [PDF]

V. G. Gurzadyan, R. Penrose

1302.5165 (V. G. Gurzadyan et al.)

On the time arrows, and randomness in cosmological signals    [PDF]

V. G. Gurzadyan, S. Sargsyan, G. Yegorian

1302.5428 (Steven G. Avery et al.)

Firewalls in AdS/CFT    [PDF]

Steven G. Avery, Borun D. Chowdhury

1302.5464 (Naoki Sasakura)

Canonical Tensor Model with Local Time and its Uniqueness    [PDF]

Naoki Sasakura

1302.5515 (Cédric Lorcé)

Gauge-covariant canonical formalism revisited with application to the
proton spin decomposition

Cédric Lorcé

1302.5530 (Stoytcho S. Yazadjiev)

Electrically charged dilaton black holes in external magnetic field    [PDF]

Stoytcho S. Yazadjiev

1302.5560 (Efstathios Charalampidis et al.)

Wormholes Threaded by Chiral Fields    [PDF]

Efstathios Charalampidis, Theodora Ioannidou, Burkhard Kleihaus, Jutta Kunz

1302.5564 (A. Mikovic)

Spin-cube Models of Quantum Gravity    [PDF]

A. Mikovic

1302.5584 (Mayeul Arminjon)

On the non-uniqueness problem of the covariant Dirac theory and the
spin-rotation coupling

Mayeul Arminjon

1302.5596 (H. Hernandez-Coronado et al.)

Quantum equivalence principle without mass superselection    [PDF]

H. Hernandez-Coronado, E. Okon

1302.5628 (M. Nofrarias et al.)

Subtraction of temperature induced phase noise in the LISA frequency

M. Nofrarias, F. Gibert, N. Karnesis, A. F. Garcia, M. Hewitson, G. Heinzel, K. Danzmann

1302.5690 (Fernando O. Minotti)

Scalar-tensor theories and asymmetric resonant cavities    [PDF]

Fernando O. Minotti

1302.5695 (Martin Bojowald et al.)

Quantum matter in quantum space-time    [PDF]

Martin Bojowald, Golam Mortuza Hossain, Mikhail Kagan, Casey Tomlin