Tuesday, November 20, 2012

1211.1219 (A. A. Deriglazov)

Variational problem for Hamiltonian system on so(k, m) Lie-Poisson
manifold and dynamics of semiclassical spin

A. A. Deriglazov

1211.4045 (Maxim Eingorn et al.)

Dynamics of astrophysical objects against the cosmological background    [PDF]

Maxim Eingorn, Alexandra Kudinova, Alexander Zhuk

1211.4070 (Tritos Ngampitipan et al.)

Bounding the Greybody Factors for Non-rotating Black Holes    [PDF]

Tritos Ngampitipan, Petarpa Boonserm

1211.4106 (O. Semerák et al.)

Free motion around black holes with discs or rings: between
integrability and chaos - I

O. Semerák, P. Suková

1211.4107 (O. Semerák et al.)

Free motion around black holes with discs or rings: between
integrability and chaos - II

O. Semerák, P. Suková

1211.4183 (Xiangdong Zhang et al.)

Loop quantum Brans-Dicke cosmology    [PDF]

Xiangdong Zhang, Yongge Ma

1211.4217 (Xavier Calmet et al.)

Frame Transformations of Gravitational Theories    [PDF]

Xavier Calmet, Ting-Cheng Yang

1211.4231 (M. Leclerc)

Poisson Bracket for Fermion Fields: Correspondence Principle, Second
Class Constraints and Hamilton-Jacobi equation

M. Leclerc

1211.4279 (Hyeyoun Chung)

Measures for a Multidimensional Multiverse    [PDF]

Hyeyoun Chung

1211.4337 (Tehani K. Finch)

The volume of the Schwarzschild black hole with respect to assorted time

Tehani K. Finch

1211.4359 (Oscar Castillo-Felisola et al.)

Phenomenological Constraints to Dimensionality of the Spacetime with

Oscar Castillo-Felisola, Cristobal Corral, Ivan Schmidt, Alfonso Zerwekh

1211.4365 (Maarten van de Meent)

The Geometry of Massless Cosmic Strings    [PDF]

Maarten van de Meent

1211.4376 (I. V. Tanatarov et al.)

What happens to Petrov classification on horizons of axisymmetric dirty
black holes

I. V. Tanatarov, O. B. Zaslavskii

1211.4402 (Patrik Sandin et al.)

Stability of Einstein-Aether Cosmological Models    [PDF]

Patrik Sandin, Bassemah Alhulaimi, Alan Coley

1211.4426 (Horst Reinhard Beyer)

Nonuniqueness of Representations of Wave Equations in Lorentzian

Horst Reinhard Beyer

1211.4542 (Victor Santos et al.)

On Gravity localization under Lorentz Violation in warped scenario    [PDF]

Victor Santos, C. A. S. Almeida

1211.4550 (Adam Bzowski et al.)

Holography for inflation using conformal perturbation theory    [PDF]

Adam Bzowski, Paul McFadden, Kostas Skenderis

1211.4557 (John W. Barrett et al.)

A topological state sum model for fermions on the circle    [PDF]

John W. Barrett, Steven Kerr, Jorma Louko