Monday, August 6, 2012

1107.4089 (V. D. Ivashchuk)

More M-branes on product of Ricci-flat manifolds    [PDF]

V. D. Ivashchuk

1108.0859 (Hao Wei et al.)

Constraining $f(T)$ Theories with the Varying Gravitational Constant    [PDF]

Hao Wei, Hao-Yu Qi, Xiao-Peng Ma

1111.3794 (Timothy Clifton et al.)

The isotropic blackbody CMB as evidence for a homogeneous universe    [PDF]

Timothy Clifton, Chris Clarkson, Philip Bull

1208.0600 (Alexandre Barreira et al.)

Linear perturbations in Galileon gravity models    [PDF]

Alexandre Barreira, Baojiu Li, Carlton Baugh, Silvia Pascoli

1208.0619 (Claus Laemmerzahl et al.)

Observable effects in a class of spherically symmetric static Finsler

Claus Laemmerzahl, Volker Perlick, Wolfgang Hasse

1208.0630 (Fan Zhang et al.)

A geometrically motivated coordinate system for exploring spacetime
dynamics in numerical-relativity simulations using a quasi-Kinnersley tetrad

Fan Zhang, Jeandrew Brink, Béla Szilágyi, Geoffrey Lovelace

1208.0635 (Akifumi Yumoto et al.)

Shadows of Multi-Black Holes: Analytic Exploration    [PDF]

Akifumi Yumoto, Daisuke Nitta, Takeshi Chiba, Naoshi Sugiyama

1208.0644 (Masakatsu Kenmok)

Superradiance Problem of Bosons and Fermions for Rotating Black Holes in
Bargmann-Wigner Formulation

Masakatsu Kenmok

1208.0658 (Rong-Gen Cai et al.)

Incompressible Navier-Stokes from Einstein Gravity with Chern-Simons

Rong-Gen Cai, Tian-Jun Li, Yong-Hui Qi, Yun-Long Zhang

1208.0665 (Kazuharu Bamba et al.)

Generation of large-scale magnetic fields from inflation in

Kazuharu Bamba, Chao-Qiang Geng, Ling-Wei Luo

1208.0711 (Sang-Woo Kim et al.)

Late time behaviors of the expanding universe in the IIB matrix model    [PDF]

Sang-Woo Kim, Jun Nishimura, Asato Tsuchiya

1208.0736 (Yi Xie)

Testing Lorentz violation with binary pulsars: constraints on standard
model extension

Yi Xie

1208.0740 (V. K. Oikonomou)

Color Superconductivity, Fermionic Quasinormal Modes in
Reissner-Nordström-anti-de Sitter Spacetimes and Supersymmetry

V. K. Oikonomou

1208.0753 (Knut Bakke)

Noninertial effects on a Dirac neutral particle inducing an analogue of
the Landau quantization in the cosmic string spacetime

Knut Bakke

1208.0804 (F. Cipolletta et al.)

Collapse of spherical charged anisotropic fluid spacetimes    [PDF]

F. Cipolletta, R. Giambò