Wednesday, April 11, 2012

1004.1908 (H. J. de Vega et al.)

The mass of the dark matter particle from theory and observations    [PDF]

H. J. de Vega, P. Salucci, N. G. Sanchez

1102.3554 (Abhijit Bandyopadhyay et al.)

The $k$-essence scalar field in the context of Supernova Ia Observations    [PDF]

Abhijit Bandyopadhyay, Debashis Gangopadhyay, Arka Moulik

1103.5450 (Juliano A. de Deus et al.)

Bianchi $VII_A$ solutions of quadratic gravity    [PDF]

Juliano A. de Deus, Daniel Müller

1109.0694 (Adrian Tanasa)

Multi-orientable Group Field Theory    [PDF]

Adrian Tanasa

1110.4630 (Yasunori Nomura)

Quantum Mechanics, Spacetime Locality, and Gravity    [PDF]

Yasunori Nomura

1110.5107 (Kei Kotake)

Multiple physical elements to determine the gravitational-wave
signatures of core-collapse supernovae

Kei Kotake

1204.2181 (M. Sharif et al.)

Solvable K-essence Cosmologies and Modified Chaplygin Gas Unified Models
of Dark Energy and Dark Matter

M. Sharif, K. R. Yesmakhanova, S. Rani, R. Myrzakulov

1204.2177 (Christian Fronsdal et al.)

An equation of state for dark matter in the Milky Way    [PDF]

Christian Fronsdal, Thomas J. Wilcox

1204.2000 (Neil J. Cornish)

Gravitational Wave Astronomy: Needle in a Haystack    [PDF]

Neil J. Cornish

1204.2005 (Everton M. C. Abreu et al.)

Nonextensive Friedmann equations and new bounds for Tsallis parameter
through noncommutative entropic gravity

Everton M. C. Abreu, Jorge Ananias Neto, Albert C. R. Mendes, Wilson Oliveira

1204.2007 (Alejandro Aviles et al.)

Cosmography and constraints on the equation of state of the Universe in
various parametrizations

Alejandro Aviles, Christine Gruber, Orlando Luongo, Hernando Quevedo

1204.2015 (Wenting Zhou et al.)

Spacetime curvature induced corrections to Lamb shift    [PDF]

Wenting Zhou, Hongwei Yu

1204.2019 (Miguel Zilhao et al.)

Dynamics of black holes in de Sitter spacetimes    [PDF]

Miguel Zilhao, Vitor Cardoso, Leonardo Gualtieri, Carlos Herdeiro, Ulrich Sperhake, Helvi Witek

1204.2029 (Yu Tian et al.)

Poor man's holography: How far can it go?    [PDF]

Yu Tian, Xiao-Ning Wu, Hongbao Zhang

1204.2070 (Kuantay Boshkayev et al.)

On general relativistic uniformly rotating white dwarfs    [PDF]

Kuantay Boshkayev, Jorge A. Rueda, Remo Ruffini, Ivan Siutsou

1204.2103 (V. Bozza et al.)

Observing gravitational lensing effects by Sgr A* with GRAVITY    [PDF]

V. Bozza, L. Mancini

1204.2116 (Yun Soo Myung et al.)

Quasinormal frequencies and thermodynamic quantities for the Lifshitz
black holes

Yun Soo Myung, Taeyoon Moon

1204.2122 (Bindu A. Bambah et al.)

Entanglement in a model for Hawking radiation: An Application of
Quadratic Algebras

Bindu A. Bambah, C. Mukku, T. Shreecharan, K. Siva Prasad

1204.2125 (Gang Wang et al.)

Numerical simulation of time delay interferometry for NGO/eLISA    [PDF]

Gang Wang, Wei-Tou Ni

1204.2146 (Qiping Su et al.)

Constraints of the equation of state of dark energy from current and
future observational data by piecewise parametrizations

Qiping Su, Xi He, Rong-Gen Cai

1204.2215 (Metin Gurses et al.)

New Exact Solutions of Quadratic Curvature Gravity    [PDF]

Metin Gurses, Tahsin Cagri Sisman, Bayram Tekin

1204.2226 (Daniela Alic et al.)

Accurate Simulations of Binary Black-Hole Mergers in Force-Free

Daniela Alic, Philipp Moesta, Luciano Rezzolla, Olindo Zanotti, Jose Luis Jaramillo

1204.2241 (Bartolomé Coll et al.)

Positioning systems in Minkowski space-time: emission and observational

Bartolomé Coll, Joan Josep Ferrando, Juan Antonio Morales-Lladosa