Monday, May 7, 2012

1105.4464 (Ognyan Oreshkov et al.)

Quantum correlations with no causal order    [PDF]

Ognyan Oreshkov, Fabio Costa, Caslav Brukner

1109.6107 (Hao Wei)

Dynamics of Teleparallel Dark Energy    [PDF]

Hao Wei

1111.5274 (T. G. F. Li et al.)

Towards a generic test of the strong field dynamics of general
relativity using compact binary coalescence: Further investigations

T. G. F. Li, W. Del Pozzo, S. Vitale, C. Van Den Broeck, M. Agathos, J. Veitch, K. Grover, T. Sidery, R. Sturani, A. Vecchio

1112.3901 (Camille Bonvin et al.)

Magnetic fields from inflation: the transition to the radiation era    [PDF]

Camille Bonvin, Chiara Caprini, Ruth Durrer

1201.0463 (Stefan Hollands et al.)

Stability of Black Holes and Black Branes    [PDF]

Stefan Hollands, Robert M. Wald

1205.0804 (Gustavo E. Romero)

From change to spacetime: an Eleatic journey    [PDF]

Gustavo E. Romero

1205.0805 (J. Sadeghi et al.)

Strong Gravitational Lensing in a Charged Squashed Kaluza- Klein Black

J. Sadeghi, A. Banijamali, H. Vaez

1205.0827 (F. G. de Oliveira et al.)

Data Analysis of Gravitational Waves Signals from Millisecond Pulsars    [PDF]

F. G. de Oliveira, R. M. Marinho Jr, J. G. Coelho, N. Magalhaes

1205.0841 (Mingzhe Li et al.)

Metric-Affine Formalism of Higher Derivative Scalar Fields in Cosmology    [PDF]

Mingzhe Li, Xiulian Wang

1205.0847 (J. Alberto Vazquez et al.)

Reconstruction of the Dark Energy equation of state    [PDF]

J. Alberto Vazquez, M. Bridges, M. P. Hobson, A. N. Lasenby

1205.0868 (J. A. S. Lima et al.)

A New Cosmic Accelerating Scenario without Dark Energy    [PDF]

J. A. S. Lima, S. Basilakos, F. E. M. Costa

1205.0881 (Michael R. R. Good)

Spin-Statistics Connection from Acceleration    [PDF]

Michael R. R. Good

1205.0884 (Vicente J. Bolós)

Kinematic relative velocity with respect to stationary observers in
Schwarzschild spacetime

Vicente J. Bolós

1205.0899 (Betti Hartmann et al.)

Compact Boson Stars    [PDF]

Betti Hartmann, Burkhard Kleihaus, Jutta Kunz, Isabell Schaffer

1205.0911 (Alejandro Perez)

The new spin foam models and quantum gravity    [PDF]

Alejandro Perez

1205.0930 (Olivier Besida)

The road toward a general relativistic metric inside the Earth and its
effect on neutrino travel from CERN to GRAN-SASSO Laboratory

Olivier Besida

1205.0971 (Ashoke Sen)

Logarithmic Corrections to Schwarzschild and Other Non-extremal Black
Hole Entropy in Different Dimensions

Ashoke Sen

1205.1037 (Taymaz Ghaneh et al.)

Signature Change in Noncommutative FRW Cosmology    [PDF]

Taymaz Ghaneh, Farhad Darabi, Hossein Motavalli