Wednesday, June 26, 2013

1306.5812 (Edward Anderson)

Quantum Cosmology will need to become a Numerical Subject    [PDF]

Edward Anderson
The inhomogeneous fluctuations that underlie structure formation - galaxies and CMB hotspots - might have been seeded by quantum cosmological fluctuations, as magnified by some inflationary mechanism. The Halliwell-Hawking model for these, as a lower-energy semiclassical limit, is expected to be shared by many theories. E.g. an O((H/m_pl)^2) suppression of power at large scales results from this. This model contains/suppresses very many terms; we want a qualitative understanding of the meaning of these terms and of different regimes resulting from different combinations of them. I study this with toy models that have tractable mathematics: minisuperspace and, especially, relational particle mechanics. In the present Seminar, I consider in particular averaged terms with some lessons from Hartree-Fock approach to Atomic and Molecular Physics. One needs to anchor this on variational principles; treating the subsequent equations is a numerical venture.
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