Wednesday, June 26, 2013

1306.5853 (Kourosh Nozari et al.)

Some Aspects of Tachyon Field Cosmology    [PDF]

Kourosh Nozari, Narges Rshidi
We study inflation, perturbations, non-gaussinity and late-time cosmological dynamics of a tachyon field both minimally and non-minimally coupled to gravity. By analyzing the parameters space of the model, the viability of the model in confrontation with recent observational data is considered. In a dynamical system technique, we study the phase space dynamics of both minimally and non-minimally coupled tachyon field. We find the fixed points (lines in our setup) and explore their stability. Also, we perform a statefinder diagnostic to both cases and show that the trajectories of the state finder pairs reach a stable state which is corresponding to a $\Lambda$CDM scenario.
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