Wednesday, June 26, 2013

1306.5936 (J. A. Rueda et al.)

A white dwarf merger as progenitor of the anomalous X-ray pulsar 4U

J. A. Rueda, K. Boshkayev, L. Izzo, R. Ruffini, P. Loren Aguilar, B. Kulebi, G. Aznar Siguan, E. Garcia Berro
It has been recently proposed that massive fast-rotating highly-magnetized white dwarfs could describe the observational properties of some of Soft Gamma-Ray Repeaters (SGRs) and Anomalous X-Ray Pulsars (AXPs). Moreover, it has also been shown that high-field magnetic (HFMWDs) can be the outcome of white dwarf binary mergers. The products of these mergers consist of a hot central white dwarf surrounded by a rapidly rotating disk. Here we show that the merger of a double degenerate system can explain the characteristics of the peculiar AXP 4U 0142+61. This scenario accounts for the observed infrared excess. We also show that the observed properties of 4U 0142+6 are consistent with an approximately $1.2 M_{\sun}$ white dwarf, remnant of the coalescence of an original system made of two white dwarfs of masses $0.6\, M_{\sun}$ and $1.0\, M_{\sun}$. Finally, we infer a post-merging age $\tau_{\rm WD}\approx 64$ kyr, and a magnetic field $B\approx 2\times 10^8$ G. Evidence for such a magnetic field may come from the possible detection of the electron cyclotron absorption feature observed between the $B$ and $V$ bands at $\approx 10^{15}$ Hz in the spectrum of 4U 0142+61.
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