Thursday, August 1, 2013

1307.8438 (Daniel Müller)

Effective Gravity and Homogenous Solutions    [PDF]

Daniel Müller
Near the singularity, gravity should be modified to an effective theory, in the same sense as with the Euler-Heisenberg electrodynamics. This effective gravity surmounts to higher derivative theory, and as is well known, a much more reacher theory concerning the solution space. On the other hand, as a highly non linear theory, the understanding of this solution space must go beyond the linearized approach. In this talk we will present some results previously published by collaborators and myself, concerning solutions for vacuum spatially homogenous cases of Bianchi types $I$ and $VII_A$. These are the anisotropic generalizations of the cosmological spatially "flat", and "open" models respectively. The solutions present isotropisation in a weak sense depending on the initial condition. Also, depending on the initial condition, singular solutions are obtained.
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