Thursday, August 1, 2013

1307.8159 (Sean Stotyn et al.)

Numerical Boson Stars with a Single Killing Vector I: the $D\ge5$ Case    [PDF]

Sean Stotyn, C. Danielle Leonard, Marius Oltean, Laura J. Henderson, Robert B. Mann
We numerically construct asymptotically anti-de Sitter boson star solutions using a minimally coupled $\frac{D-1}{2}$-tuplet complex scalar field in $D=5,7,9,11$ dimensions. The metric admits multiple Killing vector fields in general, however the scalar fields are only invariant under a particular combination, leading to such boson star solutions possessing just a single helical Killing symmetry. These boson stars form a one parameter family of solutions, which can be parametrized by the energy density at their center. As the central energy density tends to infinity, the angular velocity, mass, and angular momentum of the boson star exhibit damped harmonic oscillations about finite central values, while the Kretschmann invariant diverges, signaling the formation of a black hole in this limit.
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