Wednesday, July 31, 2013

1307.7859 (Martiros Khurshudyan et al.)

A model of a varying Ghost Dark energy    [PDF]

Martiros Khurshudyan, Amalya Khurshudyan
Motivated by recent developments in Cosmology we would like to assume a possibility of the existence of varying Ghost Dark energy. Ghost Dark energy like other models was introduced recently as a model of dark energy. As accepted in general, in GR dark energy is a possible way to explain accelerated expansion of the Universe reported from different experimental data. From the beginning we would like to stress the fact, that proposed modifications are based on our believe and probably for this reason there is not a well establish physical theory behind the models. Concerning to the origin of varying Ghost dark energy, we can assume an existence of some interaction (and unknown physics behind it), between Ghost Dark energy and a fluid and last component during interaction evaporated completely making sense of the proposed effect. Moreover, we can assume that this was in epochs and scales which are unreachable by nowadays experiments. The same assumptions could be accepted or proposed for the interaction terms.
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