Wednesday, July 31, 2013

1307.7714 (Anirbit)

n-point correlations of dark matter tracers : Renormalization with
univariate biasing and its O(f_{NL}) terms with bivariate biasing

In this note we extend the results of the model of galaxy biasing recently proposed in ( In that paper the authors had outlined a very precise mathematical framework to deal with the theory of galaxy biasing. In this work we extend that combinatorial technology to renormalize tracer n-point functions in their model of univariate biasing. We further prove that 4 and higher point cumulants of the Bardeen potential don't have an O(f_{NL}) term. Then we use this observation to extract all the O(f_{NL}) terms in the n-point correlation of tracers in their model of bivariate biasing.
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