Friday, July 26, 2013

1307.6694 (Michael Tsamparlis et al.)

Conformally related metrics and Lagrangians and their physical
interpretation in cosmology

Michael Tsamparlis, Andronikos Paliathanasis, Spyros Basilakos, Salvatore Capozziello
Conformally related metrics and Lagrangians are considered in the context of scalar-tensor gravity cosmology. After the discussion of the problem, we pose a lemma in which we show that the field equations of two conformally related Lagrangians are also conformally related if and only if the corresponding Hamiltonian vanishes. Then we prove that to every non-minimally coupled scalar field, we may associate a unique minimally coupled scalar field in a conformally related space with an appropriate potential. The latter result implies that the field equations of a non-minimally coupled scalar field are the same at the conformal level with the field equations of the minimally coupled scalar field. This fact is relevant in order to select physical variables among conformally equivalent systems. Finally, we find that the above propositions can be extended to a general Riemannian space of n-dimensions.
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