Friday, July 26, 2013

1307.6655 (Alberto A. Garcia-Diaz)

Three dimensional stationary cyclic symmetric Einstein-Maxwell
solutions; black holes

Alberto A. Garcia-Diaz
From a general metric for stationary cyclic symmetric gravitational fields coupled to Maxwell electromagnetic fields within the $(2+1)$-dimensional gravity the uniqueness of wide families of exact solutions is established, among them, all uniform electromagnetic solutions possessing electromagnetic fields with vanishing covariant derivatives, all fields having constant electromagnetic invariants $F_{\mu\nu}\,F^{\mu\nu}$ and $T_{\mu\nu}\,T^{\mu\nu}$, the whole classes of hybrid electromagnetic solutions, and also wide classes of stationary solutions are derived for a third order nonlinear key equations. Certain of these families can be thought of as black hole solutions. For the most general set of Einstein-Maxwell equations, reducible to three non-linear equations for the three unknown functions, two new classes of solutions-having anti-de Sitter spinning metric limit-are derived. The relationship of various families with those reported by different authors' solutions has been established. Among the classes of solutions with cosmological constant a relevant place occupy: the electrostatic and magnetostatic Peldan solutions, the stationary uniform and spinning Clement classes, the constant electromagnetic invariant branches with the particular Kamata-Koikawa solution, the hybrid cyclic symmetric stationary black hole fields, and the non-less important solutions generated via $SL(2,R)$ transformations where the Clement spinning charged solution, the Martinez-Teitelboim-Zanelli black hole solution, and Dias-Lemos metric merit mention.
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