Wednesday, July 10, 2013

1307.2480 (Wen-Yuan Ai et al.)

Emergence of space and the general dynamic equation of
Friedmann-Robertson-Walker universe

Wen-Yuan Ai, Hua Chen, Xian-Ru Hu, Jian-Bo Deng
A novel idea that the cosmic acceleration can be understood from the perspective that spacetime dynamics is an emergent phenomena was proposed by Padmanabhan. The Friedmann equations of FRW universe can be derived from different gravity theories with different modifications of Padmanabhan' proposal. In this paper, a general formula is proposed, in which those modifications can be treated as special cases when the formula is applied to different universe radii. Furthermore, the dynamic equations of FRW universe in the $ f(R) $ theory and deformed Ho{\v{r}}ava-Lifshitz theory are investigated. The results show the validity of our proposed formula.
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