Monday, July 8, 2013

1307.1570 (J. L. Blázquez-Salcedo et al.)

Axial Quasi-normal modes of Neutron Stars with Exotic Matter    [PDF]

J. L. Blázquez-Salcedo, L. M. González-Romero, F. Navarro-Lérida
We investigate the axial w quasi-normal modes of neutron stars for 18 realistic equations of state in order to study the influence of hyperons and quarks on the modes. The study has been developed with a new method based on Exterior Complex Scaling with variable angle, which allow us to generate pure outgoing quasi-normal modes. A complete study of the junction conditions has been done. We have obtained that w-modes can be used to distinguish between neutron stars with exotic matter and without exotic matter for compact enough stars.
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