Monday, July 8, 2013

1307.1481 (Koray Düztaş et al.)

Cosmic Censorship, Black Holes and Integer-spin Test Fields    [PDF]

Koray Düztaş, İbrahim Semiz
It has been argued that, starting with a slightly sub-extremal Kerr black hole instead of an extremal one, it is possible to overspin a black hole past the extremal limit and turn it into a naked singularity by sending test bodies, if one neglects radiative and self-force effects. In this work we show that (i) an extremal Kerr black hole can not be overspun as a result of the interaction with massless integer spin test fields (scalar, electromagnetic, or gravitational), (ii) overspinning can be achieved if we start with a nearly extremal black hole instead, and (iii) for the scalar field, the argument applies to more general black holes, and also allows use of a more general field configuration. Our analysis also neglects radiative and self-force effects.
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