Friday, June 21, 2013

1306.4750 (R. Di Criscienzo et al.)

Looking for empty topological whormhole spacetimes in $F(R)$-modified

R. Di Criscienzo, R. Myrzakulov, L. Sebastiani
Much attention has been recently devoted to modified theories of gravity in the attempt to efficiently describe both early inflation and late-time acceleration of our universe without referring to the cosmological constant or other ad hoc kinds of fluids. The simplest models overcome General Relativity simply by replacing $R$ with $F(R)$ in the Einstein--Hilbert action. Unfortunately, such models typically lack most of the beautiful solutions discovered in Einstein's gravity. Nonetheless, in $F(R)$ gravity, it has been possible to get at least few black holes, but still we do not know any empty wormhole-like spacetime solution. The present paper aims to explain why it is so hard to get such solutions (given that they exist!). Few solutions are derived in the simplest cases while only an implicit form has been obtained in the non-trivial case.
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