Friday, June 21, 2013

1306.4739 (Sergio Dain et al.)

Lower Bounds for the Area of Black Holes in Terms of Mass, Charge, and
Angular Momentum

Sergio Dain, Marcus Khuri, Gilbert Weinstein, Sumio Yamada
The most general formulation of Penrose's inequality yields a lower bound for ADM mass in terms of the area, charge, and angular momentum of black holes. This inequality is in turn equivalent to an upper and lower bound for the area in terms of the remaining quantities. In this note, we establish the lower bound for a single black hole in the setting of axisymmetric maximal initial data sets for the Einstein-Maxwell equations, when the non-electromagnetic matter fields are not charged and satisfy the dominant energy condition. It is shown that the inequality is saturated if and only if the initial data arise from the extreme Kerr-Newman spacetime. Further refinements are given when either charge or angular momentum vanish. Lastly, we discuss the validity of the lower bound in the presence of multiple black holes.
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