Friday, July 19, 2013

1307.4951 (Remo Ruffini et al.)

Einstein-Euler-Heisenberg Theory and Charged Black Holes    [PDF]

Remo Ruffini, Yuan-Bin Wu, She-Sheng Xue
Taking into account the Euler-Heisenberg effective Lagrangian of one-loop nonperturbative Quantum Electrodynamics (QED) contributions, we formulate the Einstein-Euler-Heisenberg theory, and study the solutions of non-rotating black holes with electric and magnetic charges in spherical geometry. In the limit of strong and weak electromagnetic fields of black holes, we calculate the black hole horizon radius, area, and total energy up to the leading order of QED corrections, and discuss the black hole irreducible mass, entropy, and maximally extractable energy as well as the Christodoulou-Ruffini mass formula. We find that these black hole quantities receive the QED corrections, in comparison with their counterparts in the Reissner-Nortstr\"om solution. The QED corrections show the screening effect on black hole electric charges and the paramagnetic effect on black hole magnetic charges. As a result, the black hole horizon area, irreducible mass, and entropy increase, however the black hole total energy and maximally extractable energy decrease, compared with the Reissner-Nortstr\"om solution. In addition, we show that the condition for extremely charged black holes is modified due to the QED correction.
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