Monday, July 15, 2013

1307.3476 (Ian Vega et al.)

Scalar self-force for eccentric orbits around a Schwarzschild black hole    [PDF]

Ian Vega, Barry Wardell, Peter Diener, Samuel Cupp, Roland Haas
We revisit the problem of computing the self-force on a scalar charge moving along an eccentric geodesic orbit around a Schwarzschild black hole. This work extends previous scalar self-force calculations for circular orbits, which were based on a regular "effective" point-particle source and a full 3D evolution code. We find good agreement between our results and previous calculations based on a (1+1) time-domain code. Finally, our data visualization is unconventional: we plot the self-force through full radial cycles to create "self-force loops", which reveal many interesting features that are less apparent in standard presentations of eccentric-orbit self-force data.
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