Thursday, June 27, 2013

1306.6299 (Alessandro Nagar)

Gravitational recoil in nonspinning black hole binaries: the span of
test-mass results

Alessandro Nagar
We consider binary systems of coalescing, nonspinning, black holes of masses $m_{1}$ and $m_{2}$ and show that the gravitational recoil velocity for any mass ratio can be obtained accurately by extrapolating the waveform of the test-mass limit case. The waveform obtained in the limit $m_1/m_2\ll 1$ via a perturbative approach is extrapolated in $\nu= m_{1} m_{2}/(m_{1}+m_{2})^{2} $ multipole by multipole using the corresponding, analytically known, leading-in-$\nu$ behavior. The final kick velocity computed from this $\nu$-flexed waveform can be written as $v(\nu)/c = 0.04457 \nu^2\sqrt{1-4\nu}\,(1 -2.0641 \nu + 3.7666\nu^2-3.6050\nu^3)$ and is fully compatible with the outcome of numerical relativity simulations
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