Thursday, July 25, 2013

1307.6243 (H. Lu et al.)

AdS Dyonic Black Hole and its Thermodynamics    [PDF]

H. Lu, Y. Pang, C. N. Pope
We obtain spherically-symmetric and $\R^2$-symmetric dyonic black holes that are asymptotic to anti-de Sitter space-time (AdS), which are solutions in maximal gauged four-dimensional supergravity, with just one of the U(1) fields carrying both the electric and magnetic charges $(Q,P)$. We study the thermodynamics, and find that the usually-expected first law does not hold unless P=0, Q=0 or P=Q. For general values of the charges, we find that the first law requires a modification with a new pair of thermodynamic conjugate variables. We show that they describe the scalar hair that breaks some of the asymptotic AdS symmetries.
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