Wednesday, July 24, 2013

1307.6006 (I. Brevik et al.)

Turbulence Accelerating Cosmology from an Inhomogeneous Dark Fluid    [PDF]

I. Brevik, A. V. Timoshkin, Ye. Rabochaya, S. Zerbini
Specific dark energy models with a linear inhomogeneous time-dependent equation of state, within the framework of 4d Friedman-Robertson-Walker (FRW) cosmology, are investigated. It is demonstrated that such 4d inhomogeneous fluid models may lead to a turbulence FRW cosmology. Both one-component and two-component models from 4d inhomogeneous dark fluid models are considered. In the one-component model the universe may develop from a viscous era with, for instance, a constant bulk viscosity, into a turbulent era. In the two-component model the fluid can be decomposed into two components, one non-turbulent (ideal) and another turbulent part, obeying two different equations of state. Conditions for the appearance of the turbulent dark energy universe in terms of the parameters in the equation of state (EoS) without introducing the turbulence concept explicitly are are obtained. An equivalent description in terms of an inhomogeneous fluid for the viscous Little Rip (LR) cosmology is also developed.
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