Thursday, July 18, 2013

1307.4749 (E. Arias et al.)

The Phononic Casimir Effect in Random Fluids    [PDF]

E. Arias, C. H. G. Bessa, J. G. Duenas, G. Menezes, N. F. Svaiter
We investigate the effects of fluctuations of the sound-cone, simulated by a space-time dependent random coefficient, in a free massless scalar field theory describing acoustic modes in a relativistic perfect fluid. We assume also that the field is defined in a domain with one compactified direction. For simplicity we choose the symmetric case of two parallel plates. The renormalized stress-tensor of the system is presented. Due to the sound-cone fluctuations, the renormalized vacuum energy density depends on the distance to the plates in a non-trivial way. The renormalized energy density correction between the plates goes as $1/a^{8}$ instead of the $1/a^{4}$ usual dependence for the free case.
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