Wednesday, July 3, 2013

1307.0142 (Luiz Carlos Garcia de Andrade)

Stringent magnetic field limits from early universe dynamos cosmology
with torsion

Luiz Carlos Garcia de Andrade
Earlier Bamba et al [JCAP (2012)] have obtained cosmological magnetic fields in teleparallel torsion theories of gravity that are not compatible with galactic dynamos. This result agrees with previous ones obtained by the author which shows [Phys Lett B (2012)] that anti-dynamo generalised theorem to torsion theories forbides such kind of dynamos to explain galactic magnetic fields of the order of ${\mu}$G. More recently the author has suggested [IJAA (2012)] that a sort of Biermann battery could be obtained in torsioned cosmology. Nevertheless in this paper we show that this can be a particular result, since the second author did not took into account mean field dynamo equations in torsion field background. Actually it is shown that amplification or not of the magnetic field depends upon handness sign of the torsion field vector. It is shown that density fluctuations of spin-torsion density implies also a possibility of amplification of the cosmic magnetic fields. From WMAP data it is possible to estimate the spin-torsion fluctuation as $10^{-6}$ which represents an order of magnitude lower than the matter density. By making use of the gravitational couling of type $RF^{2}$ one obtains $10^{37}G$ for the Planck era magnetic field, which is a much more stringent limit than the ones obtained earlier. The magnetic field obtained today is $10^{-23}G$ is obtained which is able to seed galactic dynamos.
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