Monday, July 1, 2013

1306.6758 (Alessandro Bravetti et al.)

Dark energy from Geometrothermodynamics    [PDF]

Alessandro Bravetti, Orlando Luongo
Geometrothermodynamics is a geometric theory which combines thermodynamics with contact and Riemannian geometry. In this work we use the formalism of geometrothermodynamics to infer cosmological models which predict the observed speed up. As a relevant consequence, our simple model shows dynamical properties which seem to fairly well describe the late time universe dynamics. To do so, we use geometric considerations about constant thermodynamic curvature and derive the model of a fluid which is expected to \emph{naturally} reproduce the dark energy effects. In particular, our approach reduces to the $\Lambda$CDM model in the limiting case of small redshift, providing however significative departures from $\Lambda$CDM as the universe expands. The main goal consists in interpreting our \emph{geometrothermodynamic fluid} as an energetic source and to explain the dark energy effects as emerging from the interplay between geometry and thermodynamics, providing a new interpretation of the observed positive acceleration.
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