Friday, June 28, 2013

1306.6527 (Claes Uggla)

Spacetime Singularities: Recent Developments    [PDF]

Claes Uggla
Recent developments concerning oscillatory spacelike singularities in general relativity are taking place on two fronts. The first treats generic singularities in spatially homogeneous cosmology, most notably Bianchi types VIII and IX. The second deals with generic oscillatory singularities in inhomogeneous cosmologies, especially those with two commuting spacelike Killing vectors. This paper describes recent progress in these two areas: in the spatially homogeneous case focus is on mathematically rigorous results, while analytical and numerical results concerning generic behavior and so-called recurring spike formation are the main topic in the inhomogeneous case. Unifying themes are connections between asymptotic behavior, hierarchical structures, and solution generating techniques, which provide hints for a link between the nature of generic singularities and a hierarchy of hidden asymptotic symmetries.
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