Monday, June 24, 2013

1306.1223 (Juergen A. Dietz et al.)

Redundant operators in the exact renormalisation group and in the f(R)
approximation to asymptotic safety

Juergen A. Dietz, Tim R. Morris
In this paper we review the definition and properties of redundant operators in the exact renormalisation group. We explain why it is important to require them to be eigenoperators and why generically they appear only as a consequence of symmetries of the particular choice of renormalisation group equations. This clarifies when Newton's constant and or the cosmological constant can be considered inessential. We then apply these ideas to the Local Potential Approximation and approximations of a similar spirit such as the f(R) approximation in the asymptotic safety programme in quantum gravity. We show that these approximations can break down if the fixed point does not support a `vacuum' solution in the appropriate domain: all eigenoperators become redundant and the physical space of perturbations collapses to a point. We show that this is the case for the recently discovered lines of fixed points in the f(R) flow equations.
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